Junior League of Montgomery

2016-2017 Grant Recipients

Since its inception in 1926, The Junior League of Montgomery (JLM) has awarded millions of dollars to various organizations in Montgomery. The Junior League is unique in that each financial award is accompanied by volunteers. This League year were are honored to be working with the following community partners to whom we awarded a total of $90,000 in grant monies:


ClefWorks - $ 7,500.00

ClefWorks brings high-quality music performances to Montgomery-area audiences, with a special interest in providing concert experiences to younger demographics, particularly culturally-underserved families with children. Our volunteers will help during the March 4-5 festival weekend of concerts and the preceding month of preparation.


Common Ground - $10,000.00

JLM volunteers completed the first phase of a renovation project at the Common Ground facility last summer by painting and furnishing the counseling and common areas. This will be the second phase of the renovation project when JLM volunteers will help renovate 6 classrooms and 2 office spaces.


Dream Court - $9,468.00

During the fall and spring, our members will volunteer at adaptive tennis coaching sessions for children and adults with disabilities.


  Montgomery Aids Outreach - $10,000

The food pantry established by the JLM is a model nationwide for how to incorporate nutrition into ongoing patient care. Volunteers will stock and pack food for the food pantry.


Hope Inspired Ministries - $9,480.00

This transformative job training and life skills program elevates families and communities as it teaches the fundamentals of responsibility and character to the heads of households. JLM members will mentor students at lunchtime and provide a sounding board for women in transition.


Impact Alabama - $9,930.00

Impact Alabama provides free tax preparation services and opportunities for savings for low-income, working families.  Our volunteers complete a tax training session and then assist families with completing their tax returns.

American Red Cross – $9,375.00

Our volunteers are partnering with the Red Cross and Fire Department to install fire detectors in high risk fire communities and low income areas. 

True Divine – $9,000.00

Feeding Hands Backpack Program based at Brewbaker School distributes non-perishable nutritious food to chronically hungry children who have been identified by school officials as having food insecurities over the weekend and during extended school holidays. JLM volunteers will pull food items from the food pantry, help with inventory of food items, stock in preparation for packing bags, and assist in packing bags for the children.   


Montgomery Education Foundation (MEF) - $6,247.00

JLM volunteers will assist with the Brain Forest Summer Learning Program, which is a five week academic program for rising 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students from MPS.  The goal of this program is to reduce summer learning loss and increase proficiency in each student. 


Brantwood Children’s Home - $9,000.00

Brantwood Children’s Home provides residential foster care to youth in need of a home.  JLM members will help with Project Angel Friends which helps provide food and clothing for the children living at Brantwood.